Visa Process

I finally received my acceptance letter from Koc University so I can apply for my visa. Normally you can get travelers visas at the Turkish airport when you arrive, but because I am going to school there, I have to apply for a visa before I go. The Turkish consulate has 5 or so locations in the U.S. which split up the states into regions covered by each consulate.  Los Angeles covers Oregon which means I have to send all my materials there to get my visa. Visa cost a small amount of money, but nowhere on their website does it tell how much. I ended up calling the LA Turkish consulate to figure out how much money I needed to send with my passport and visa application. After getting transfered several times, I was able to figure out that the education visa I needed was going to be $58. But they only accept money orders, no personal checks.  This turned into a big hassle of finding a nearby post office that would issue a money order and then finding a Fedex store so I could mail everything with tracking capabilities.  It is a pain to not have a car in these circumstances!

My application is sent. Now I wait to get my passport back.

In 95 days I will be at the Portland airport boarding the plane to leave for Turkey!


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