No lists? What is happening to me?!

So I am an unusually organized person and though I have been working like crazy to finish my internship hours before I need to leave, I haven’t made any lists for packing for Turkey.  This is weird.

I have a box started in my room at home, but nothing substantial as to an idea of what I need to take. I am leaving in 6 weeks and nothing…… Yes, I’m excited to go abroad, but right now I’m so dang busy trying to get my hours for my internship completed that I have no time to invest in thinking about packing. Also, my sister currently has my suitcases in Costa Rica, so that doesn’t help my planning.

On another note:  The exchange students Facebook page is really fun to read. Some of the organizers have been posting pictures from the university. Here are a couple to show you what Koc looks like 🙂

This is where I will have at least one of my classes. Though I've heard that you can get anywhere in 5 min on campus.


Anyways, these pictures are making me more and more excited to leave! Just 6 more weeks!


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