Arrival and Turkish Time

I made it through all of my transfers ok and arrived to the airport yesterday (9/10) evening. Riding any mode of transportation is interesting in Istanbul. The bus to KU was quite large compared to the cars and other minibuses (Dolmuş—pronounced dolmush) but drove just like a 5-person car. Cars also don’t really drive in lanes—they move at will and don’t signal very often. They also use the wide shoulders as lanes to pass people. It’s definitely different than the U.S.. Here are some pictures from my first days at KU : )


The inflight GPS that my dad would have LOVED!


My dorm room (not showing my very large wardrobe closet and fridge).


Breakfast (olives, tomatoes, cucumber, fresh fruit, soft bread, sliced meat and strong cheese are all served at breakfast). I did find some stuff like Nutella that was fantastic with the bread.


Boats on the Bosphorus while riding the ferry to Asian Istanbul.


The castle we hiked to in Asian Istanbul. Turkish flags are EVERYWHERE!


The Bosphorus Straight leading into the Black Sea.


The Bosphorus and view of European Istanbul.


Public bathrooms that you pay 1 Turkish Lira (75 cents) to use.


Part of the CIEE exchange group getting beer in Asian Istanbul. The waiter was very friendly and even bartered with us on pricing.


Tomorrow we are going back to Sariyer to get cell phones and anything else we need from the city before classes begin next Monday (9/19).

I love comments so feel free to ask questions and anything else!!

11 thoughts on “Arrival and Turkish Time

  1. Was that an egg with your breakfast? Glad you are being exposed to tomatoes! Is it safe to drink the tap water in your dorm?

    • Yes! They have hard cooked eggs for breakfast 🙂 But they don’t cool them down after cooking so they are generally really warm. Weird, but at least I have some protein to eat!

    • Yes I live on the European side. The dorms are super BIG compared to OSU. But they are shaped weird so the furniture is a little awkward. Yeah I am going to a different district tonight with my mentor and exchange students so I will see how the other alcohol is served I guess.

  2. Hi Audrey,
    I’m so glad i came across your page. I’m hoping to go on exchange to Koc University next year. I was just wondering what your thoughts are about the actual university?

    Thank you!

    • Hello! The university is considered the best private university in Turkey and I can tell that that is true. I am taking chemical engineering classes, so I don’t really know about the other departments, but I find the material to be quite challenging and at the same level as my university. The students that go here are quite well off and like to show it through clothes, bags and phones. The campus is quite secluded and you have to show your ID to get in the gate each time you return from an outing. Let me know if you have more questions!

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