I have determined that riding a dolmuş while standing up is pretty much like riding the Knight Bus in Harry Potter. It is slightly scary and a really good core and arm workout.

Pictures from today:


Jimmie and Alix at the café having Türkçe Kahve (Turkish coffee). There are 4 exchange students from my program in my “group” with one mentor.


Michele and Can (pronounced John). Can is our mentor and studies Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Koç.


Michele and I. She has çay (Tea-pronounced chai, though it is just black tea) and I have kahve.


The school supply store in Sarıyer.


They sold many of the classics, but written in Turkish of course.



Hanging out at the student center after shopping in Sarıyer.


A café in the student center.  Yes it is called Pi gastro Smile


2 thoughts on “Dolmuş

    • I don’t think so. They sign is mostly in Turkish with some translations to English. I’ve only had chicken wraps here so far. The Kahve is really good. you get an expresso sized cup and the grounds are all loose.

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