Scavenger Hunt

This week has gone by so fast because of all the activities and trips around town. Things also move slower here so when we are supposed to start at a certain time it usually ends up being 15-30 mins late. Lots of waiting and chatting with people.

On Tuesday the CIEE (my exchange program) directors split us into groups of 4 or so and sent us out into different districts of Istanbul with directions of what to look for. We all met for dinner on the Asian side of Istanbul at the end of the day.

Here are some pictures of my day:


We traveled from Koç (Coach-A) to Beşiktaş (B) to Kadiköy (C)


The McDonalds in Beşiktaş (Beshiktash) All c’s and s’s with little things on the bottom have the ch and sh sound.


Faraz, Me, Leah, and Bethany with an Eagle Statue in Beşiktaş shopping district. I think it was to commemorate 100 years of the neighborhood being around or something.


A view of the street in Beşiktaş.


This reminded me of Pike Place Market in Seattle! Though they don’t use much ice to keep the fish cold. They just throw cold water on the fish every few minutes.


Leah, Bethany and Faraz


My delicious lunch! This is called Manti (Turkish ravioli). Here is recipe for it as well: Recipe


Faraz and Bethany


Leah and I


Some cats at a mosque playing in the cemetery.  There are cats everywhere here! My first night on campus there was a dog that hung out in the dorm lobby all night.  The students seem to feed them and make sure that they are ok.


We crossed the Bosphorus to Asian Istanbul. Our second destination was Kadiköy.


One of the ferrys


Though you can’t tell, the view behind us was fantastic!!


This is the bull statue in Kadiköy. The bull is the Fenerbache (one of Istanbul’s soccer clubs) symbol.


A cool little artsy side street we found.


A mosque in Kadiköy


They had carmel ice cream which made me extremely happy!


My major sweet tooth is going to be happy here. There are pastry shops everywhere!!


The streets are filled with clothing shops. The main street seemed to be mostly women’s clothing and the side streets carry men’s. Anyone for some man legs??


Open air market


Bethany at dinner. All the groups were sent to different parts of the city and had to meet for dinner at 6pm in Kadiköy. We went to a restaurant called Çiya (Chia) where they are famous for incorporating foods from all over Turkey into their menu. We shared family style dishes, so I got to try everything!


This is a stuffed dried eggplant. It is filled with rice, meat and spices.


Everyone at dinner. There was SOOO much food. The bread here is one of my favorite things. It is soft and tastes delicious. I have yet to see sandwich style bread served anywhere.


This was by far my favorite dish. I asked what it is and was told that it is just a beef stew. Man, not that interesting for how good it tastes.


A rice dish


I think this has okra in it. I haven’t had okra before, but it is pretty tasty in different dishes.


We only drink bottled water here. (I know, stab me in the heart!!!) But, I found some water coolers at school where I can refill my 1.5 liter bottles to keep them in my room. This is the water served in most of the restaurants. Please notice that they inform you that no coliform or fecal streptococcus bacteria are present. Awesome!

This was by far my favorite day this week because I got to see so much of the city. Any questions?? I miss you all!


2 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt

  1. Great photos Audrey! I’m love reading all of these exciting details about your program and Istanbul! It is really helpful to know about your experience while I am talking to other students interested in going to Turkey. Do you mind if I share the link to your blog with potential students?

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