Sultanahmet District

Istanbul is an amazing place! If you can’t tell from the pictures, come visit for yourself. I could spend years here and not be able to see everything.  On Saturday all the exchange students (there are about 200) were bussed to Sultanahmet in downtown Istanbul. (There really isn’t a downtown Istanbul, but this is the touristy area)  We were herded into a restaurant for lunch which was delicious as usual and then split into mentor groups to tour the historic sites.  We went to 4 places during the day (I included a map of where we went for reference). First our group went to Topkapı Palace ( A ) where the sultans lived before building a European style Palace.  Next we headed to Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya in Turkish—B). Hagia Sophia was built in 393 and was first a Greek cathedral, then a Roman Catholic Church and the a Mosque from 1453-1931 when it was converted to a museum for the public. After Hagia Sophia we went to the Blue Mosque ( C ), so called because of the amazing tile work on the inside. This mosque is a still a mosque, but can be toured by the public. We also stopped by the Basilica Cistern, though I decided to come back another time to see it. Afterwards we made our way to the Grand Bazaar. This was my favorite because it reminded me so much of shopping in Mexico. Check out my pictures below and ask any questions that you might have.



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