Did you know….?

Things that are surprisingly expensive in Turkey:

  • Conditioner – 8TL (~$4.50)
  • Marshmallows—16TL (~$9.50)
  • Postcard Stamps—1.30TL (~$.76)
  • Facewash – 14TL (~$8.30)

Things that are super cheap:

  • Soap—.40TL (~$.25)
  • Shampoo—1TL (~$.55)
  • Pomegranates—1TL/kg or .45 TL/lb (~$.26/lb)
  • Doner (meat and veggie sandwich)—2TL (~$1.20)
  • Crappy cell phones—50-70 TL (~$30-40)
  • Cashmere scarves—10-15 TL (~$5.80-$8.80)
  • Leather (medium sized purse) – 60-100TL (~$35-55)
  • Mailing Small Packages to the US—6TL (~$3.50)

2 thoughts on “Did you know….?

  1. This was fun to read. Keep accumulating your list because it is pretty entertaining. Chelsea probably already figured out she is not getting any Turkish marshmallows from you.

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