Troy (Truva)

**continuation of Dedetepe Eco Farm post (the pictures in this post are not mine, but thanks to the people that took them!)

Shortly after leaving the farm I started feeling miserable. Something I ate must have not agreed with my, but I stuck to bland food and some Sprite for the rest of the day. As you can probably gather, this is not normal behavior for me. 

We drove to Troy first and got another tour from a very knowledgeable guide. I highly recommend getting a guide if you don’t know much about the sites, as the signage is fairly poor.  We learned about the 9 versions of the city of Troy which were inhabited by several different groups of people (Hittites, Romans and Ottomans). We then got to see the ruins, which were cool, but not as impressive as I was expecting. We also learned that the story of the Trojan horse is most likely not true. Slightly disappointing, but at least it makes a good movie. The real invasion probably involved an earthquake.  The Trojan horse that is at Troy is huge though! It is probably close to 50 ft tall and you can climb inside on two levels.  I was still feeling not so hot, so I joined in a bunch of group pics where we all look fabulous due to lack of showers, and chilled while we waited for the rest of the group to come down for the horse.



The CIEE group at Troy.


The Trojan horse!


The ruins at Troy.

Our next stop was a fantastic looking lunch in Çanakkale at a kebap restaurant.  I only ate pita bread since I didn’t feel good, but decided that I get sick at the worst times, because CIEE (meaning us) was paying and the food looked soooo good. 

After lunch we started the long bus ride back to campus. The roads were much rougher than in Istanbul and the driving was much calmer as well. Don’t rent a car if you plan on coming to Istanbul. Public transportation is quite adequate and you are likely to get in a wreck if you drive. 

We arrived back at Koç at 8pm and I was able to prepare for my 9:30am organic chemistry lab. 

Questions? Anyone want to come visit yet??  Thanks for reading!


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