Countdown Mode

It is now time for the Facebook/public countdown to begin. I have 6 more days until I leave. And in that time we have a dahlia show, we’re going camping and I get to see several more friends. I’ve sorta packed, but not really. It’s mostly a box of stuff in my room that I might take with me. My suitcases are looking really small for 4 months. My Oregonian pride is showing through with all the postcards, magnets and stickers from Oregon. The Turks won’t know what hit them : )

Yesterday I took one of the best friends, Lizzy to the airport. This is our last picture until January!


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24 Days

Only 24 more days until I leave for Turkey. In that time I have to finish my last two weeks of my internship, make several more batches of pesto from my basil plants, pack, shop for a few more things, bake pies for our pie booth at the county fair, have a going away party with my college friends, see my high school friends, unpack and repack, look over the layouts of the airports I’ll be travelling through so I can get around quicker and not miss my flights, and finally go on a short vacation with my family the week that I leave.

WOW, I don’t know how I’m going to squeeze this all in. But, tonight I am making a blueberry kuchen with one of my best friends. This recipe is older than I am and super delicious. My family has been making it for years and I always look forward to it during the summer. I’m hoping to take lots of pictures and make it my first true food post on my blog. Hopefully I will get an idea of whether or not I should continue trying to post about the amazing food that I will soon be eating.

On another note, I posted in the Koc University (from here on out referred to as KU) Exchange Student Facebook page and asked if there were any other engineering majors in the group. I got one response from a guy in Electrical Engr. I am hoping that I have class with at least a couple exchange students so I can get some various views on engineering outside the U.S.

I can’t wait to actually start posting from Turkey!