A quick update…

Hello! Long time no talk write.

I haven’t written for well over a month and I feel quite bad. I am includıng a couple links to some of my Facebook albums so that even if you’re not on Facebook, you can see some of my pictures. They also have some comments which will give you a bit of background.

I’m gearing up for the end of my midterms and finals in the next two weeks. Wish me luck! I’ll be home just in time for Winter term at OSU 🙂


Chora Church and Suleyman Mosque

Koç photos

Asian Adventure

Antalya and the end of Bayram (November)


(Side note: Yes I can legally order alcohol in Turkey. (The drinking age is 18) No I don’t go crazy. Yes I have a good time :])


3 thoughts on “A quick update…

  1. Dear Audrey,

    I just finished going over your blog, including the exciting pictures of a country I’d never see otherwise.

    Is your wearing of the scarf in deference to religion?

    Is the school you are attending in the European part of Istanbul?

    Are you the only exchange student from the United States?

    How are you doing with the language?

    Please keep it coming as it makes me feel I am experiencing it with you,



    • When we visit mosques we have to cover our heads but other than that I don’t have to.

      My school is on the European side of Istanbul.

      Nope, there are about 40 US exchange students and about 200 total. There is one other girl from OSU who lives in Portland.

      The language is challenging, but I am getting better 🙂 it’s kind of too bad in that regard that I’m leaving in two weeks because I won’t get to continue practicing my Turkish.

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading my posts 🙂 mom told me that you are feeling better and that is great!! Merry Christmas!!! Love, Audrey

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